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Software Programming Services

Our software programming services include:

  • Client server based application in various platforms
  • Custom Web Applications in JAVA, ASP, etc.
  • Custom Programming
  • E-Commerce
  • Database development and Integration with system
  • Web Services (SOAP and REST)
  • Maintenance and enhancement of existing application systems
  • Migration of systems from one database system to another
  • Product development and reengineering
  • Complex development for telecommunications interfaces and administrative software


Our web designing services include:

  • Professional Web Designs and Corporate Sites
  • B2B and B2C Portal / Vortal Development
  • E-Commerce Solutions
  • Application Service Provider (ASP) Sites Development
  • Corporate Presentation in Flash (Online or Offline)
  • Internet Marketing Consultations
  • Database-Driven Web Site Development
  • Web-Enabling of Legacy Client-Server Systems
  • Content Creation and Management
  • Website maintenance & Support


Our expertise can be summarized in the following areas:

Programming Languages Net Technologies Databases
C, C++, C#, Objective C, Java, Delphi, VB.NET, JavaScript, PHP, VBScript, Perl, SQL, Cobol, Ruby HTML5, HTML, DHTML, XML, XSL, TCP/IP, IPX/SPX, HTTP/FTP, SMTP, POP3, IMAP, ASP, ASP.NET, Web Forms, JSP, Coldfusion, PHP, Web Services, Servlets, RMI, EJB, CGI, Macromedia Flash Oracle, Informix, DB2, PostgresSQL, MySql, MS SQL Server, DB2, Sybase, MS Access
Platforms CASE Tools Other
.NET & Windows, Linux, Unix, Solaris, OS400, Mac OS X, iOS, Windows CE, Windows Phone, Android, Verifone UML, Rational Tools Business Intelligence, PKI, Smartcards


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